Equipment leasing information

Freco Equipment Supplies Limited is now a direct lender and can structure a lease contract fitting your specific needs of your project. We offer experience and expertise necessary to determine your best option. Our various plans enable you to acquire, upgrade or replace equipment or heavy trucks easily and economically.

We can also provide flexible payment options depend on client contract terms. We can supply your company with multiple alternatives for sourcing different used heavy equipment or brand new and more profitable options for managing your equipment assets.

You’ll have the comfort of knowing that Freco equipment Supplies Limited can function on “Your Side of the Table”-both on the acquisition and distribution of equipment-and provide an exhaustive domestic.

We customize plans to best suit your budget and cash flow requirements. As a direct lender, we have the ability to supply any number of used equipment and trucks that, to ensure you can get best product and pricing structure.

We can also provide flexible payment options, including payment bank guarantee. Please contact us for further assistance regarding our flexible payment options