Brand New XCMG Wheel Loaders

LW1100KV Wheel Loader


Model  LW1100KN
WeightType of working device5.5m³ standard bucket
Operating weight (kg)35000
CharacteristicsBucket capacity (full-load) (m³)5.5
Tipping load (kg)22000
Traveling speed
1st forward gear (km/h)6.2
2nd forward gear (km/h)11.5
3rd forward gear (km/h)17.5
4th forward gear (km/h)35.7
1st reverse gear (km/h)6.2
2nd reverse gear (km/h)11.5
3rd reverse gear (km/h)24.8
Maximum gradeability (°)>25
Maximum breakout force kN290
Lifting time of boom s≤7
Total cycling time s≤13.5
Rear axle swing angle (°)±12
Dumping angle at any position (°)≥45
Bucket automatic leveling capabilityYes
Minimum turning radiusCenter of outer wheel  (mm)6308
Outer side of bucket at transport position (mm)7723
DimensionsOverall length (mm)10139
Overall width (chassis) (mm)3201
Bucket width (mm)3639
Overall height (top of cab) (mm)4028
(fully lifted bucket) (mm)6585
Wheelbase (mm)3700
Boom hinge pin height (with bucket fully lifted) (mm)4730
Dumping height (bucket tooth edge) (mm)3450
Dumping reach (bucket tooth edge) (mm)1494
Dumping angle at highest position  (°)45
Digging depth (at 10º inclination angle) (mm)100

LW800KN Wheel Loader


Overall dimensions 
Overall 1ength (bucket on the ground)9300 mm
Overall width (Outside the tyres)3210 mm
Bucket width3550 mm
Overall height3700 mm
Wheel base3600 mm
Tread2460 mm
Rated capacity8000 kg
Bucket volume4.5 m3
Operating weight28.5t
Traveling speeds km/h
Forward Ⅰ/ reverse Ⅰ2021-07-07 00:00:00
Forward Ⅱ/ reverse Ⅱ11.5/11.5
Forward Ⅲ/ reverse Ⅲ24.5/24.5
Forward Ⅳ/ reverse Ⅳ35
Max. tractive force245 KN
Max. climbing gradient>25 º
Max. dumping angle45 º
Max. dumping height3400mm
Dumping reach1400mm
Overturn angle of bucket≥45°
Max. Breakout force260kN
Max excavating depth75mm
Rising time of the boom<7s
Total cycling time≤12 s
Min. Turning radius6175 mm
Crossing radius7460mm
Turning angle of the frames40º
Oscillating angle of the rear axle±12 º
ModelQSM11-C335 Tier3
Type4-stroke, water cooling, turbine charged .
Rated power250kW
Rated speed2100r/min
Max. torque1674N.m/1400r/min
Start typeElectrical start
Flameout typeCut off the oil and electricity
Transmission system
(a) Torque converter
Type1 stage, 3-elements
Coefficient of torque converterK=2.985
Cooling methodOil cooling-pressure circulating type
Diameter of cycle370mm
Gear numberForward 4/ reverse 3
Transmission ratio
Forward Ⅰ/ reverse Ⅰ3.731/3.731
Forward Ⅱ/ reverse Ⅱ2.207/2.207
Forward Ⅲ/ reverse Ⅲ0.970/0.970
Forward Ⅳ/ reverse Ⅳ0.608
(c).Front and rear axle
ModelZF MT-L3125II/MT-L3115II
Total speed ratio27
TypeOne stage speed reduction
Rim reduction6.35
TypeOne stage planetary reduction
Front axleFixed with frame
Rear axleSwing type
Tyre specification29.5-25
Inflating pressureFore tyre: 0.32~0.34MPa
Rear tyre: 0.30~0.32MPa
Braking system
Foot brakeBrake on 4 wheel
System pressure17.5Mpa
The highest oil pressure of brake79bar
Hand brakeElectrical contron and spring boosting
Released oil pressure of hand brake10.2 Mpa
Brake valve model06-466-444
Booster modelSB0250-3.5E1/112A-210AK
Steering hydraulic system
TypeHydraulic steering
Model of steering oil pumpP7600-F80NO367 6/P124-G16DI
Steering unit modelBZZ3-125
Flow amplified valveZLF25A1
Steering limit valveXF-B6
Displacement of pump80ml/r
System pressure19±0.5MPa
Steering cylinderф110×405
Maximum steering angle40°
Hydraulic system of the working device
Working oil pumpP7600-F140NP367 6G-R
Displacement of oil pump140ml/r(+80ml/r)
System pressure20±0.5MPa
Boom cylinderф180×885
Tilt cylinderф220×590
Pilot hydraulic system
Pilot pumpP7600-F80NO367 6/P124-G16DIG
Displacemnt of pump16ml/r
Pilot valve5THF606-2X
Oil filling volume
Fuel420  L
Engine oil
QSM1133  L
Gearbox/torque converter oil64 L
Working hydraulic oil340  L
Gear oil for drive axle54L/piece